DNA tests for Cherokee ancestry?

If you are considering a DNA test, joining the Cherokee Nation, or simply tracing your own Cherokee blood line, here is important information you should know. According to U.S. Census data, Native Americans intermarry at higher rates than any other group in the country. For many, this can mean losing tribal citizenship and federal benefits. The […]

These Baptist preachers were also Cherokee medicine men.

Jackson Standingdeer (or Jackson Blood) was a medicine man from the community of Gwagwohi near Barber, Oklahoma. He was born June 1, 1870 and arrived in the Cherokee Nation from North Carolina on June 8, 1881. On July 9, 1921 he was ordained a minister of the gospel at the Sycamore Tree Baptist Church in […]

Muster roll for Hildebrand detachment – Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears Detachment led by Peter Hildebrand.  (Text list follows image below). The last and largest detachment and the longest on the trail. Conductor: Peter Hildebrand Conductor: Peter Hildebrand Asst Conductor: James Vann Hildebrand Physician; George R McCoy Interpreter: Black Prince Commissary: David McKaimy Asst Commissaries: James Hudson, Ellis Hildebrand, James Pettitt Managers: Ketcher (aka […]

Belle McGhee – Grandmother’s story

As told by Polly Fields.                               My grandparents were Richard Fields, early Chief of the Texas Cherokees, and his wife, Elizabeth Jane Blagg Fields; George Howard and Mary Carrol Ward. My parents were Ezekiel J. Fields and Sabra Elizabeth Howard. They were […]

Proof: Smallpox blankets used to exterminate Native Americans

A Cherokee grandmother recently recorded the story that our ancestors were given blankets infected with smallpox during the Cherokee removal (Trail of Tears). Though thousands died during the removal west, there’s not hard evidence of a major smallpox outbreak along the many trail. Whether it happend on the trail or not, there’s reason to believe that […]

Most information on Cherokee ancestor MOYTOY is held by the British

Example: There are genealogists who claim Moytoy never existed. Yet he is listed in thousands of Cherokee family trees. For many he is the last entry in their tree, as far back as can be determined. Those who venture further risk the wrath of traditional Cherokee who rage at the suggestion that the Carpenter name may […]

Where was your family’s land allotment and why you should care.

Many families falsely believe their ancestors were not on the Dawes rolls. By accepting this mistake as a historical fact they not only lose benefits for themselves but for all their descendants. Here is why you may need to let us help you with your family tree research.  The United States government attempted to finally […]

Inali Manuscript

The Inali Manuscript – Cherokee spirituality and medicine

While in the midst of this work she brought out another box nearly as large as a small trunk, and on setting it down there was revealed to the astonished gaze such a mass of material as it had not seemed possible could exist in the entire tribe Below are the words of James Mooney, […]