Starr Wars – the bloody Cherokee feud that still haunts us today.

The names of wealthy, slaveholding Cherokee families of the past are attached to cities and counties throughout Oklahoma.  Those names were also affixed to the descendants of families they enslaved.  A treaty in 1866 provided Cherokee citizenship to recently freed slaves.  Many of these “Freedmen” are listed on the final Cherokee rolls.   Without the letters, […]

Secret societies and lost gold in the Cherokee Nation

Booker T. Washington wrote, “The Indians who first met the white man on his continent do not seem to have held slaves until they first learned to do so from him.” Cherokee and other Indian tribes were traded in slavery long before any arrived from Africa. South Carolina eventually became the hub of Indian slave […]

Muster roll for Hildebrand detachment – Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears Detachment led by Peter Hildebrand.  (Text list follows image below). The last and largest detachment and the longest on the trail. Conductor: Peter Hildebrand Conductor: Peter Hildebrand Asst Conductor: James Vann Hildebrand Physician; George R McCoy Interpreter: Black Prince Commissary: David McKaimy Asst Commissaries: James Hudson, Ellis Hildebrand, James Pettitt Managers: Ketcher (aka […]

Proof: Smallpox blankets used to exterminate Native Americans

A Cherokee grandmother recently recorded the story that our ancestors were given blankets infected with smallpox during the Cherokee removal (Trail of Tears). Though thousands died during the removal west, there’s not hard evidence of a major smallpox outbreak along the many trail. Whether it happend on the trail or not, there’s reason to believe that […]

Most information on Cherokee ancestor MOYTOY is held by the British

Example: There are genealogists who claim Moytoy never existed. Yet he is listed in thousands of Cherokee family trees. For many he is the last entry in their tree, as far back as can be determined. Those who venture further risk the wrath of traditional Cherokee who rage at the suggestion that the Carpenter name may […]