Memoirs from 1760 – visiting the Cherokee

Lt Henry Timberlake met with Chief Ostenaco when he visited the Cherokee Overhill towns for three months in 1761-62. He later accompanied three Cherokee leaders to London to meet with King George III and other political figures. Below is an excerpt from his memoirs in which he describes the tribe and people. —————————– The Cherokees […]

Share your family stories

Do you have family history that you want to share with others? Oral history contains information not found in census data, rolls, or land deeds. It’s an important way to preserve the history and culture of Cherokee people. If you’d like to share your own stories in text, audio, or video well be happy to […]

You can’t see the forest ….. Cherokee genealogy myths

Imagine that in 100 years your descendants are trying to locate some information about you but just can’t find any. Maybe you’ve gone to a lot of trouble to stay private and don’t even give your social security number to anyone. You were born at home, evaded every census, never committed a crime, never owned […]

The Cherokee and the Responsibility to Protect

From the Trail of Tears to Wounded Knee, the federal government has taken action against sovereign indigenous nations that has cost countless lives. Even today as children are taken from their parents and Native people are left on barren reservations, people ask where does this government get the right to do this? The three pillars […]

What you don’t know about the Cherokee, and why it’s important.

Most people have heard that the Cherokee Nation was driven from their homelands in what is called the Trail of Tears. Once in the new lands (Indian Territory) the Cherokee created a new constitution for the tribe in 1839. But few know that within about sixty years of their arrival the federal government decided to […]

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