Proof: Smallpox blankets used to exterminate Native Americans

A Cherokee grandmother recently recorded┬áthe story that our ancestors were given blankets infected with smallpox during the Cherokee removal (Trail of Tears). Though thousands died during the removal west, there’s not hard evidence of a major smallpox outbreak along the many trail. Whether it happend on the trail or not, there’s reason to believe that […]

Where was your family’s land allotment and why you should care.

Many families falsely believe their ancestors were not on the Dawes rolls. By accepting this mistake as a historical fact they not only lose benefits for themselves but for all their descendants. Here is why you may need to let us help you with your family tree research. ┬áThe United States government attempted to finally […]

Inali Manuscript

The Inali Manuscript – Cherokee spirituality and medicine

While in the midst of this work she brought out another box nearly as large as a small trunk, and on setting it down there was revealed to the astonished gaze such a mass of material as it had not seemed possible could exist in the entire tribe Below are the words of James Mooney, […]

Memoirs from 1760 – visiting the Cherokee

Lt Henry Timberlake met with Chief Ostenaco when he visited the Cherokee Overhill towns for three months in 1761-62. He later accompanied three Cherokee leaders to London to meet with King George III and other political figures. Below is an excerpt from his memoirs in which he describes the tribe and people. —————————– The Cherokees […]