Recover family history

Typically parents pass on diverse memories and family history to each of their children. Ultimately the complete family history is lost. Here scattered family memoir fragments and important narratives can be collected and assembled into a complete family saga preserved for future generations.

Finding lost graves

GPS locations determined from numerous family stories can be mapped in geographic information systems (GIS) software to find possible locations of lost Cherokee gravesites and fill chronological gaps in our history. Phone apps allow distinct Cherokee headstone attributes to be uploaded by our members.

Discover hidden secrets!

Often family members meet on social media and instantly learn how much they have to share. Yet most people never meet or exchange with their more distant relatives or learn what secrets they could share. Here the family archive builds, connects, correlates and preserves for all concerned.

Preserve your family saga

Your entire family heritage portfolio can be published as a digital flip book, e-book, or family web page. You can share it with others or create a digital time-capsule to preserve it for a specific person and time in the future.

Better than genealogy sites

You shouldn't have to guess whether a person belongs in your family tree, or whether the information you import is incorrect and being replicated onto hundreds of similar trees. We've added programs and tools that makes it easy to learn the truth and correct inconsistancies.

Amazing technology

Genealogy programs attempt to match your ancestors to historical records. Our system continuously matches events in an ancestor's life with information held in the collective memory of thousands of other Cherokee descendants.

You have a lifetime of special memories to pass on.

Collect and preserve the stories of your lifetime, and those special memories you would like to pass on. Whether you write a short story or entire family saga this is the place for it. Preserve and share your photos along with the stories that go with them. Invite your family members to add their own. It's a great place to share notes and discover new information. Everything is archived regularly using the safest standards on the planet.