Cherokee Registry


My Father and Grandfather told me that my Great-grandmother was a Cherokee Indian Princess by the name of Josephine Suggs born in 1872 probably in Missouri. Her Father\'s name, we\'re told, was Charles (Charley) Suggs and her Mother\'s name was probably Mary Ann but we don\'t know her last name. We were told Charley was a Cherokee Indian Chief. We don\'t know much about her family because she would not talk about her parents, siblings, cousins and so forth. We don\'t know if she ran away or disowned or what. Josephine married Samuel Monroe Coleman, born in 1871 in Missouri and they were married 11 December 1892 and he died 27 April, 1910. They had lived in Kansas and Missouri throughout their lifes. We don\'t know if Samuel Monroe Coleman was part Cherokee or not. Josephine, then married a man by the name of William H. Thurston. At one point they lived in Noble, Oklahoma. She died in 1936 and is burried in Fort Scott, Kansas at the Garden Grove City Cemetary. My family has had children born light complected, blonde with blue eyes, which I was told can be a characteristic of Cherokee blood. Also, I was born with lavender eyes which changed to brown by the time I was 4 months old. I am dark complected with brown hair. I also found out that an Indian Princess is an honorary title for a first born daughter.