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Born: 1778-09-06 Cherokee Nation East,Bradley,Tennessee, USA.
Death 1855-11-16 in CN,Stillwell,Oklahoma,USA

JAMES (Jim) BIGBY lived on Candy's Creek in what later became Bradley County, Tennessee. His wife was Catherine Foreman. His mother was Elizabeth Hicks, a daughter of Nathan Hicks and she was a sister to Chief Charles R. Hicks. Jim and his family went West during the removal (Trail of Tears).

His children are as follows:

Mary Anna 1802 – 1885 m. David Taylor

Jennie 1804 – 1875 m. Andrew Taylor, bro. of David

Thomas Wilson Bigby 1806 – 1868 m. Margaret Catherine Adair

James, Jr. 1808 – 1868 m. Louisa Levi

Elizabeth Bigby 1810 – 1835 m. Moses Fields

Wiley m1. Mary McLaughlin, m2. Elnora Nicholson

Sallie 1814 – 1870 m. Leonard Bonaparte Williams

Malinda 1822 – 1909 m1. William Guilliams, m2. Jesse Redman.

Susan  m. Felix Riley

1780 James Bigby was born in Tennessee. His father was either a Scots or an Irishman. His half-brother was Thomas Wilson (a Thomas Wilson, nephew of Charles Renatur Hicks, was a student at Friends School, Philadelphia in 1801, BIA Records of Cherokee Agency in Tennessee., 1801-1836. A half-sister on his mother's side was Betsy (Elizabeth) Brown. (Guion Miller 13267 Malinda Redman).

1800 James Bigby married Catharine Foreman, daughter of John Anthony Foreman and Susie Brown. Catharine was born April 17, 1785 in Cherokee Nation East, (Guion Miller 3246 & Mary Ann Snow a grand-daughter).

July 24, 1801 James Bigby received spinning wheel from Agent Return J. Meigs (BIA Entry 1049).

August 9, 1802 Mary Ann (Polly) Bigby born in Cass County, Georgia. Later married David Taylor. (1860 N.C. Census Cherokee Co. 1801 listed as 49 on 1850 N.C. Census).

1804-1805 Jane (Jennie) Bigby born in North Carolina. Later married Andrew Taylor, brother of David Taylor who married Jane's sister Mary Ann Bigby. (Guion Miller 3246 & Mary Ann Snow).

February 22, 1806 Thomas Wilson Bigby born (later died Oct. 16, 1861), in Amohee District Cherokee Nation, Tennessee, according to Lillian Bigby or born in Georgia according to Guion Miller 5332 & Thomas W Bigby Jr., his son. His Cherokee name was "Oo-coo-see."

1808 James Bigby Jr. was born (he was 35 years old in 1843, BIA James Bigby Jr. deposition. 1809-1810 Wiley Bigby was born 1812 Elizabeth (Betsy) Bigby was born. She later married Moses Fields.

April 8, 1813 James Bigby wrote Return J. Meigs for permit to run ferry on Bakers Creek and to build a road from it to meet road opened by Rogers. He had already gotten permission from Major Kelso, proprietor of other side of creek. (BIA Records of Cherokee Agency in Tennessee, 1801-1836)

December 13, 1813 Jack Foreman lived at Catharine Bigby's house, (James Bigby was not at home) when James Cunningham of South Carolina stole a negro girl which was one of Anthony Foreman's slaves. (BIA deposition of Jack Foreman and Catharine Bigby).

Indian Census Collection

February 12, 1814 Return J. Meigs warned James Hall, a share-cropper for Caleb Starr, who was living at "Bigbee's Mill" and had partly demolished a house belonging to James Bigby. Hall was directed to immediately leave Cherokee Nation. However, Caleb Starr vouched for Hall's integrity and said that Bigby had not objected to Hall. (R.J. Meigs to Hall and Starr, Feb 7 & 12 1814; Starr to Meigs, Feb 17, 1814 BIA Records of Cherokee Agency in Tennessee, 1801-1836).

1814 or 1817 James Bigby among names of Caleb Starr's list of reservees who had received money for removing along with Caleb Starr, Thomas Foreman ($500), Bark Foreman ($180), James Bigby ($500), and others. (ibid) (Entry 1054).

1815 Sallie Bigby was born. She later married Leonard Bonepart Williams.

1817 Andrew Jackson Bigby was born. He was 33 years old on 1850 North Carolina Census of Cherokee County.

1807 (misprint for 1817?) Elizabeth Busby, Jane Busby and Thomas Busby (Bigby) were students at Moravian School at Springplace, Georgia. Their teachers were John Gambol and his wife Anna. (Moravian Records, Vol 8)

1817 Bigby's old place site of David Taylor's reservation #48 on south side of the Little Tennessee River, about 2 miles below Morgantown.

September 11, 1817 Mary Ann Bigby married David Taylor, 27 years old, in Blount Co. TN, near Morgantown by William Lowry, JP (Blount County Marriage Records, no. 3552)

1817 Jane Bigby married Andrew Taylor, brother of David Taylor, in Blount Co, TN (W.H. Thomas deposition May 13, 1853 BIA North Carolina File T195-54)

July 1817 James Bigby reservation #13 on the road from McNairs to Knoxville. 9 in family: James, Catharine, Mary Ann, Jane, Thomis Wilson, James Jr., Elizabeth, Wiley, and Sallie. His reservation was in the Hiwassee District in McMinn Co, TN.

1819 Susie Bigby was born. She later married Felix Riley.

1819 James Bigby abandoned his reservation and moved across Hiwassee into Cherokee Nation. He was paid $500 by Caleb Starr for improvements.

December 1820 State of Tennessee took possession of Bigby's reservation. His tenant, Walter Carruth, remained on the site. This land was later obtained by John B and Richard Hamilton (Catharine Bigby vs Hamiltons, 1858).

July 6, 1822 Malinda Bigby was born in Tennessee, 1/4 Cherokee. She later married Jesse Redman and William Guilliams. Amohee District. (Guion Miller 13267)

August 22, 1822 Act of Tennessee State Legislature to force sale of James Bigby's reservation to Joseph Hamilton.

1823 James Bigby, Thomas Foreman, and Hair Conrad petition to American Board of Foreign Missions for a mission school to be established at Candy's Creek, TN.

November 14, 1825 James Bigby ran for National Council from Amohee District and was defeated.

July 1828 James Bigby nominated for National Committee against Thomas Fields and Thomas Foreman. However, he changed his mind and ran for National Council. Other candidates from the Amohee District were Thomas Fields, Young Wolf, John Watts, Crawling Snake, De-Squah-ne, and Deer-in-the-Water. (Cherokee PHOENIX, July 2 and 30, 1828)

1828 James Bigby was elected to National Council from Amohee District along with Going (Crawling ?) Snake, and Deer-in-the-Water. The National Committeemen from Amohee were Thomas Foreman and Lewis Ross. (ibid. Aug 13, 1828)

1830 "Address of Cherokee Committee and National Council to the American People" among its signers was James Bigby (printed in Cherokee PHOENIX, July 24, 1830).

October 4, 1830 Cherokees wrote Army office in charge of detachment in gold mining area protesting his order against Cherokees digging for gold on their own lands. Among signers: Elijah, George and Nathan Hicks, Thomas Bigby and James Bigby (might be James Bigby jr.)

December 5, 1830 Thomas Bigby married Catharine, daughter of Samuel Adair, Sr. at Oogillocee by Rev. H.G. Claude (Cherokee PHOENIX)

January 10, 1835 I.O.U. from John Walker to James Bigby for $30 (BIA).

1835 Cherokee Census Candy's Creek, Tennessee. James Bigby, Sr., 2 males 18+, 1 female -16, 3 females 16+, 2 farmers, 5 quarterbloods, 4 weavers, 4 spinners, James & Andrew Jackson and Catharine, Elizabeth, Sallie, and Susie. 1 farm, 90 acres in cultivtion, 8 horses, 15 bushels of wheat raised, 450 bushels of corn raised, 200 bushels of corn sold for $75.

October 3, 1836 James Bigby's property at Candy's Creek, Bradley County, TN, was appraised at a value of $1843. He is described as being a halfblood.

1836-1838 Jame Bigby Jr. was a partner with James Mithell, a white man, in a drygoods store in Cleveland.

February 25, 1837 Power of attorney from James Bigby to Jackson Bigby attested by Felix Riley and Isaac Taylor of Monroe County, TN (Gilcrease Collection)

May 25, 1837 Valuation of property of James Bigby Jr., 1/4 blood at Mouse Creek, Bradley Co, TN, for $1235 (valuation and apoilation) (BIA Vol. 21 Q Register & Payment Book)

January 3, 1838 Taylor wrote Gen. Winfield Scott in behalf of Wiley Bigby who want to become a U.S. Citizen, son of James Bigby who is an American Citizen. Also, for Felix Riley whos is staying at old Bigby home after returning from Arkansas on business (NA, Military Record)

January 14, 1838 James Bigby is listed as interpreter accompanying detachmants and paid $250 (BIA)

January 26, 1838 Nathanial Smith to Commissioner of Indian Affiars: appointed John M, Webb (TN) enrolling agent. John F. Beavers, Andrew Cunningham (GA), Johathan Carr (NC), Collecting Agents: Stephen Hempstead, and James Bigby as interperter (BIA, Special File 31)

March 10, 1838 James Bigby petitions for U.S. Citizenship for himself and family. (BIA enrry 222)

March 13, 1838 James Bigby is fully competent to become a citizen and wants to remove his family (Cherokee Committee, ibid)

1838 certificate of citizenship of James Bigby Sr. signed by Committee and by Gen Scott. It was later lost by Jackson Bigby (deposition June 14, 1843 by Jackson Bigby BIA entry 250 #866)

April 15, 1838 C.A. Harris to Commissioner of Indain Affairs, "On the 25th last month, we took what could be induced to leave to Waterloo, Alabama and put them on the steamer Smelter and a large keel boat and they left on the 5th and reached Ft. Gibson about the 13th. Party of about 250 with Lt. Deas a conductor/agent,. Many who did not turn up on muster rolls in west had deserted the train and attempted to return to their homes in Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina. George Massey and O.G. Parry were assistant conductors, Doctor Lillybridge, Physician, William Reese and James Bigby as interpreters." (BIA Special File 31; See also Foreman INDIAN REMOVAL pp 284-285)

August 22, 1838 James Bigby affirms to Thomas Bigby's improvement claim #60 with Jackson Bigby before collecting agent, Jesse Bushyhead. #60 is located near Grant Shopping Center, Cleveland TN according to Lillian Bigby.

August 28, 1838 James Bigby Jr., migrated with Daniel Colston's detachment along with Richard (Dick) Foreman. The train arrived Jan 17, 1839 in Cherokee Nation West. James, Jr. later returned to East. (BIA entry 250. #293)

1838 Valuation of James Bigby $1843, advance & debts $1243, due West in January 1839. Candy's Creek, TN; Katy Bigby's apoilation claim $185.

September 7, 1838 to March 15, 1839 James Bigby acted as interpreter for George Hicks detachment #10. Collins McDonald was assistant conductor. (Gilcrease Collection)

1839 James Bigby arrived in the West with his daughter, Malinda Redman (Guon Miller 3839 & Malinda Redman)

1839 First Board of Cherokee Commissioners rejects reservation claim of James Bigby #38. (BIA entry 230)

April 7, 1842 Power of Attorney of James Bigby to John Ross to get claims of 640 acre reservation (1817-1819 Treaty) in McMinn Co, TN of Two Run Creek. Witnessed by Thomas Bigby & W.L. Adair.

July 1843 4th Board heard improvement claim of James Bigby Docket 131, #102 (BIA)

1845 James Bigby says he is 66 years old (BIA entry 250, #205)

December 30, 1845 Children of James Bigby filed reservation claim #13 before 4th Board. W.H. Thomas, attorney.

May 27, 1847 Claim rejected by 4th Board (BIA entry 250)

December 30, 1848 James Bigby's claim before 4th Board (#757)

1851 James Bigby and family lived at Hungry Mountain, 18 miles from Tahlequah. (Guion Miller 13267/3839, & Malinda Dredman)

1851 Drennan Roll Flint District: #611 James Bigby, Sr., Catharine, Wiley; #613 Susan Riley and family; #614 Malinda Williams and family; Going Snake District $406 Jane Bigby Taylor. Andrew Jackson Bigby stayed in North Carolina.

November 16, 1855 James Bigby died. Buried at Hungary Mountain or Flat Rock in Flint District. (Catharine Bigby vs Hamiltons, 1858)

1858 8th U.S. District Court for East Tennessee District, Knoxville #973 Catharine Bigby vs John B Hamilton and Richard Hamilton.

He was married to Catherine (Catie) FOREMAN in 1800 in Georgia.