Cherokee Registry


The Cherokee Heritage Documentation Center maintains a registry and database of descendants, events, and documents related to the historical Cherokee Nation. We assist people in obtaining the documentation needed for tribal citizenship. The registry operates as a repository of cultural, historical, anecdotal, and genealogical information. Public information on this site is provided as a free resource to aid in ancestry research and education about the Cherokee people.

We strive to:

  • Educate to promote accuracy, authenticity, and integrity in Cherokee ancestral history.
  • Enhance knowledge and understanding of heritage preservation.
  • Guide descendants in discovering their Cherokee roots, and when eligible to become tribal members.


The purpose of this website is to discover, record, and preserve the oral histories of descendants of the Cherokee Nation. From this foundation, we develop ways to connect shared experiences of one story with another so as to discover new clues and information not otherwise possible. Not only are the stories of tribal members important, but of those non-indigenous whose ancestors were a part of Cherokee history. For example, Freedmen, the Rev. Evan Jones, or a soldier who was involved in the Cherokee Removal. 

We have worked to develop software and phone applications that can aid in connecting story elements, locate and/or mark Cherokee family graves, and help people to correct their own family trees.  

We will continue to focus on preserving family stories and developing new ways to discover events that were shared by our ancestors.

For current news and information regarding the tribes, please see the Cherokee Phoenix and Cherokee One Feather newspapers. 

Please consider donating to the Rainbow House charity and spreading the word of the Cherokee Elders Council.

The Cherokee Registry is an independent entity, not affiliated with nor endorsed by any tribe, heritage group, or government agency. The registry is operated and staffed by Cherokee Nation tribal members. (Verification: #C00135980). Cherokee Heritage Documentation Center does not claim to be and is not considered by the Secretary of the Interior to be an Indian tribe or an Indian organization for any purpose and receives no federal or state funding. Cherokee Heritage Documentation Center,, and are owned and operated by members of a federally recognized Cherokee tribe. There is no connection either real or inferred between the Cherokee Heritage Documentation Center and the Cherokee Nation or Cherokee Heritage Center.