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Sacred Formulas of the Cherokees - (For historical purposes only)

 From a book compiled in 1898 of spells and formulas collected from actual Cherokee Shamans.

Below is the original table of contents. Obviously, it can be difficult to grasp the meaning of some titles.  For example, the "formula" that is called "To make children jump down" is meant to aid childbirth.

How the formulas were obtained

The A`yuninï (Swimmer) manuscript

The Gatigwanastï (Belt) manuscript

The Gahunï manuscript

The Inâlï (Black Fox) manuscript

Other manuscripts

The Kanâhe'ta Ani-Tsa'lagï Etï or Ancient Cherokee Formulas

Character of the formulas--the Cherokee religion

Myth of the origin of disease and medicine

Theory of disease--animals, ghosts, witches

Selected list of plants used

Medical practice--theory of resemblances--fasting--tabu--seclusion--women

Illustration of the gakûnta or tabu

Neglect of sanitary regulations

The sweat bath--bleeding--rubbing--bathing

Opposition of shamans to white physicians

Medicine dances

Description of symptoms

The ugista'`tï or pay of the shaman

Ceremonies for gathering plants and preparing medicine

The Cherokee gods and their abiding places

Color symbolism

Importance attached to names

Language of the formulas

Specimen formulas


To treat the crippler (rheumatism)--from Gahuni

Second formula for the crippler--from Gahuni

Song and prescription for snake bites--from Gahuni

When something is causing something to eat them--Gahuni

Second formula for the same disease--A`wanita

For moving pains in the teeth (neuralgia?)--Gatigwanasti

Song and prayer for the great chill--A`yûnini

To make children jump down -- (A`yûnini and Takwatihi)

Song and prayer for the black yellowness (biliousness)--A`yûnini

To treat for ordeal diseases (witchcraft)-A`yûnini


Concerning hunting-- A`yûnini

For hunting birds-- A`yûnini

To shoot dwellers in the wilderness---A`wanita

Bear song--A`yûnini

For catching large fish--A`yûnini

Concerning living humanity--Gatigwanasti

For going to water--Gatigwanasti

Yûnwehi song for painting--Gatigwanasti

Song and prayer to fix the affections--A`yûnini

To separate lovers--A`yûnini 381 Song and prayer to fix the affections--Gatigwanasti

Miscellaneous 384 To shorten a night goer on this side--A`yûnini

To find lost articles--Gatigwanasti

To frighten away a storm--A`yûnini

To help warriors--A`wanita

To destroy life (ceremony with beads)--A`yûnini

To take to water for the ball play--A`yûnini